Demonstration Project at RDLS and R-STEM

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Demonstration Project at RDLS and R-STEM

Dear R-STEM and RDLS families,

In our ongoing efforts to improve traffic safety during arrival and dismissal, we are working with the City of Richfield to install a “demonstration project” at two intersections near our schools. If you drive to pick up or drop off your child, please use extra caution during this time. 

Date, time and duration: The installation will take place on Tuesday, April 25, during the school day. This means that the traffic will change between morning dropoff and afternoon pickup. The project will continue at least until the summer.

Location: The intersection of 70th Street and Elliot Avenue (near RDLS) and the intersection of 70th Street and 12th Avenue (near R-STEM). 

What is a demonstration project? Demonstration projects are temporary installations on roads used to test infrastructure ideas for potential future construction. The two intersections will receive improvements meant to calm traffic and better protect students who walk to school.

Things you will see: 

  • Flexible plastic posts near curbs and in intersections
  • Fresh paint on the road and in the school parking lot
  • New driving and bike lane configurations
  • Observers wearing high-visibility vests

Evaluation: Throughout the project, city and school district staff will be evaluating the effectiveness of the demonstration project through observations and surveys. Feedback from everyone is encouraged, whether your child walks, bikes or is driven to school. 

Try it out: If you normally drive for parent pickup/dropoff, we encourage you to try parking nearby and walking to/from school with your child to experience the demonstration project as a pedestrian. 

This is a collaboration between the Richfield Public School District’s Safe Routes to School program and the City of Richfield Public Works department. If you have any questions or comments you can contact:

Will Wlizlo
Safe Routes to School Coordinator
Richfield Public Schools

Matt Hardegger
Transportation Engineer
City of Richfield Public Works





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