Aleteos - March 5, 2022

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Dear families and guardians, 

It is unbelievable that we are halfway through the school year. Hopefully, spring is right around the corner and soon we will be able to open our windows and breathe some fresh, warm air. Better yet, it will be great for children to go outside for some fresh air and exercise. 

Conferences came and went by so fast. It was very nice to chat with many of you. Thank you for attending conferences and setting up plans with our excellent teachers in order to support your child's success this school year.

We just celebrated Read-a-thon month, it was great to see students and teachers get into the spirit of reading. Thank you to our wonderful RDLS mom, Emily Gold, who organized this great way to encourage reading and to make it such an engaging opportunity to learn through our reading at the RDLS community.

We concluded our Read-a-thon with a winter walk around the block and delicious hot chocolate, prepared by our Food Department and served by our fifth grade members of the Student Council.

Thank you for partnering with us. Together we achieve! 


Sra. Marta Shahsavand, Principal

Reminders & Updates 

  • Please label your child's clothes with their complete first and last name.
  • Order the school yearbook - it is never too early to plan and place your order! Here is the link to order the 2021-22 RDLS yearbook
  • Report cards - information about standards-based grading.
  • We are looking for adult volunteers who could do the patrol at 70th and Elliot every morning from 7:10-7:30 a.m. Please call Alicia at 612-798-6702 if you would be able to support us with the crossing of families at that busy intersection. 
  • The students have won 1,000 monarcas for showing Respect, Responsibility and Safety. This means we will have a NO uniform day on Wednesday, March 16.

Safety for all during drop-off 

We have had multiple concerns about unsafe behaviors during drop-off in the mornings. I am asking that we read and follow our school expectations for drop-off and pick-up, which are very similar. Safety is a priority! 

  1. Have patience. 
  2. Drive slowly near our school on the street and in the parking lot. We never know when a student (short height) may come out suddenly and a tragedy may occur.
  3. No parking on 70th Avenue on the curbside of RDLS (from Elliot to the entrance to the school parking lot). 
  4. Use a single lane of cars to drop off students. The second line of cars is only if you are going to park in the parking lot. 
  5. When parking to pick up or drop off your child(ren), please drive all the way to the brick house near R-STEM before stopping to pick up your child(ren). There will be an employee indicating to continue driving to that place. This prevents slowing down the line of cars behind you. 
  6. Come ready to drop off by having backpacks, masks and coats ready so that as soon as you park, they can get out. That saves time for everyone in the car line.
  7. Please have your child(ren) get out from the right side of your car (curbside, sidewalk) so we can avoid possible injuries from students walking in front of or behind cars.

RDLS Employee Updates: From our Literacy coach 

Our March book of the month is Bonita es la vida/Life is Beautiful by Ana Eulate. In this magical story, a little girl shows us that there are winged giraffes that carry us on their backs, to not only discover Africa, but to also discover solidarity, hope and generosity. You can watch and listen to a boy reading the story in Spanish here.

RDLS Employee Updates: From our Social worker

Hello Families!

It is a good time to review attendance, given this is our third academic year impacted by COVID-19. Overall, attendance at RDLS is strong and I’m very proud of everyone’s efforts to attend school consistently. Regular attendance and participation, at any grade level, provides students an opportunity to learn and reach for their dreams. When students are chronically absent (missing 10% or more of the school year) starting as early as preschool and kindergarten, they are at risk of not reading proficiently by third grade, poor achievement in middle school and dropping out of high school. Alarming as this is, the good news is when families and schools partner together, strategies can be developed to improve attendance. Solid attendance is the foundation for academic success.

We realize some absences are due to illness and other understandable/excusable reasons. Under Minnesota law, enrolled children must go to school every day until they are eighteen (18) years old. Absences can be excused for illness, religious observance, family emergency, funerals and extreme weather conditions. Additionally, when requested in advance, we may excuse approved family activity for up to 10 days within the school year (family activity days may be approved when the student has solid attendance and a plan is made to complete missed work). If your child is ill or has a valid excuse, please notify us using the attendance line each and every day your child will not be in attendance. You can reach the attendance line at 612-888-7357. You may also email us at

If your child does not have a valid excuse or we are not notified, these absences are presumed to be unexcused. Schools are required by law to notify families and begin interventions to improve attendance when unexcused absences reach three or more in number. The Richfield School District participates in Be@School—the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office Truancy and Educational Neglect Prevention Program. When students accrue seven or more unexcused absences, we are required to notify the Be@School program so families can have additional opportunities to learn about attendance laws and receive interventions and support to improve their child’s attendance.

Some Attendance Tips:

  • Make sure your students keep a regular bedtime and establish a morning routine.
  • Turn off all electronics including TVs, phones and tablets at bedtime.
  • Make sure clothes and backpacks are ready the night before.
  • Check with our school nurse or office staff if you are not sure about when to keep your child home due to illness.
  • Avoid scheduling vacations or doctor’s appointments when school is in session.
  • Talk to teachers and myself for advice if your student feels anxious about going to school.
  • Develop back up plans for getting to school if something comes up.

Please let us know how we can best support you and your child(ren) so that they can show up for school on time every day.

Sra. Karen, 612-798-6790

Upcoming Events 

  • March 11: End of Trimester 2
  • March 15: PTSO Meeting 6-7 p.m.
  • March 16: Restaurant night-El Tejaban - 3-10 p.m. (20% of all orders will go to RDLS)
  • March 18: PreK-5 Report Card
  • March 18: Access Test Ends
  • March 21: Rock your socks day
  • March 24: 5th graders tour RMS – 9:15am -11:50am
  • March 28-April 1: Spring Break
  • April: Specialists Night (K-3) 5:30-7:30 p.m. - the exact date will be confirmed soon.
  • April 11 - MCA testing begins


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Sarah Jesperson and Rachel Banks Kupcho standing with the Land Acknowledgement Unveiling

As part of Native American Heritage Month, we are officially launching the RPS Land Acknowledgment for staff to begin using at large-group events such as concerts, plays, assemblies, etc. We also unveiled artwork that will be displayed at each of our schools soon.

Veronica Velazquez and Family

Verónica Velázquez is the mom of six students who attend Richfield elementary, middle and high schools! An engaged parent, Verónica is part of the Richfield Latino Family Association (RLFA) and the Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC).

Student Meal Balance Reminders

Starting the week of Oct. 10, we will resume automated meal balance alerts. Read more for information about student meal balance reminders.

Shooting outside RHS Homecoming Game

Our team will be prepared to support students and staff at all schools on Monday. We will work with partner organizations as needed to provide additional support for students or staff who need or want to talk with someone.