Aleteos - Feb. 5, 2022

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Dear families and guardians, 

It is unbelievable that we are halfway through the school year. Hopefully, spring is right around the corner and soon we will be able to open our windows and breathe some fresh, warm air. Better yet, it will be great for children to go outside for some fresh air and exercise. 

Here I continue sharing what I started last month with a few tips that both parents and teachers have found to support our children and make them successful at RDLS. 

  1. Connect school learning to real life. For example, when making a favorite cookie recipe, measurements and fractions are used. Or, when you go to the supermarket, give your child a price limit and have them help you keep track of the price of items purchased to make sure that you do not go over the set budget. These activities reinforce the math learning that took place at RDLS, but the hands-on aspect makes it fun and incorporates the value of learning math into everyday life. This is non-homework learning! 
  2. Learning place – Keep magazines, books, catalogs and writing materials at home for your child to go through. Set up a quiet place at home for your child to read and study. This place does not have to be big, but make sure it is well-lit and they can be near you in case they have questions about what they are reading or doing. 
  3. Be an example – If you want your child to read, you must take time to read in front of them. Share with them what you are reading about, even if it is a magazine. Discuss with your child the decorating ideas, or the “how to fix a car” segments in the magazines you are reading. Limit the amount and kind of TV you watch. Limit your child's TV viewing to no more than seven hours per week. Suggest programs that have useful tie-ins to schoolwork, such as shows about history, computers or animal life. Discuss the shows with your child. 
  4. Listen to your child carefully. If your child is having difficulty with homework or with a specific subject, listen and help them to divide the assignments into small portions. Work on one part, take a break, and then come back to finish another part. 

Thank you for partnering with us. Together we achieve! 


Sra. Marta Shahsavand, Principal

Reminders & Updates 

  • Please label your child's clothes with their complete first and last name.
  • Order the school yearbook - it is never too early to plan and place your order! Here is the link to order the 2021-22 RDLS yearbook
  • Report cards - information about standards-based grading


We realize that individual families choose to celebrate holidays that have personal meaning to them. This is why, as a district, we have made the decision to not celebrate holidays in school. This includes Valentine’s Day. We ask that families not send candy or treats to school for this celebration and any other such as birthdays, which is in alignment with our district’s wellness policy. 

Even though we do not celebrate holidays, it does not mean our students don’t have fun in school or enjoy an occasional class or schoolwide celebration. For example, we recently celebrated our pride in being part of the RDLS community through our Spirit Week. These celebrations help ensure all our students and families can participate in the events virtually or by getting the students dressed up. This creates a sense of community and allows us to connect with one another in meaningful ways. 

Thank you for your understanding and support. 

Safety for all during drop-off 

We have had multiple concerns about unsafe behaviors during drop-off in the mornings. I am asking that we read and follow our school expectations for drop-off and pick-up, which are very similar. Safety is a priority! 

  1. Have patience. 
  2. Drive slowly near our school on the street and in the parking lot. We never know when a student (short height) may come out suddenly and a tragedy may occur.
  3. No parking on 70th Avenue on the curbside of RDLS (from Elliot to the entrance to the school parking lot). 
  4. Use a single lane of cars to drop off students. The second line of cars is only if you are going to park in the parking lot. 
  5. When parking to pick up or drop off your child(ren), please drive all the way to the brick house near R-STEM before stopping to pick up your child(ren). There will be an employee indicating to continue driving to that place. This prevents slowing down the line of cars behind you. 
  6. Come ready to drop off by having backpacks, masks and coats ready so that as soon as you park, they can get out. That saves time for everyone in the car line.
  7. Please have your child(ren) get out from the right side of your car (curbside, sidewalk) so we can avoid possible injuries from students walking in front of or behind cars.

One last note not directly related to the parking lot, but to the safety of all:

  • Do not cross 70th Avenue at the corner of 10th Avenue. Only cross 70th Avenue at the corner of Elliot or 12th Avenue. You could park on Elliot and then cross at that corner. 

Winter Walking Day 

I am excited to announce the date for the 2022 Winter Walking Day. It will take place on Wednesday, February 23! (Our extreme cold weather backup date will be Wednesday, March 2.) Bundle up, Richfield! Join us in celebrating Winter Walking Day! Plan to take a stroll at home or on your way to school—it’ll be fun and refreshing! At RDLS we will walk around the block around 8:45 a.m. and then have hot chocolate when we return. 

RDLS Employee Updates: From our Literacy coach 

February is the Readathon!! We have lots of fun activities planned for our students, so stay tuned for information and encourage your student to read at home! 

Our February book of the month is El niño que domó el viento / The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind by William Kamkwamba. This story is about a family in Malawi that loses all their crops when a terrible drought strikes their village. In order to save his family, one boy comes up with a brilliant idea. 

This story has been made into a movie (rated PG) and is available on Netflix in both Spanish and English. It might be a great opportunity for family movie night! 

Upcoming Events 

  • January 31: ACCESS testing started (students who are learning English as a second language) 
  • February 11: Family Night (glow dance) 5-8 p.m. 
  • February 15: Coffee with the principal 8-8:45 a.m. 
  • February 16-17: Book Fair (in-person) 
  • February 16: Conferences, 4-8 p.m. 
  • February 17: No School, Conferences, 8 a.m.-8 p.m. 
  • February 18: No School, Comp. Day 
  • February 21: No School, Presidents Day 
  • March 9: Fifth graders touring RMS
  • March 11: End of Trimester 2 


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Student Meal Balance Reminders

Starting on Friday, Sept. 30, we will resume automated meal balance alerts. Read more for information about student meal balance reminders.

Classes resume Tuesday for grades 6-12

Based on information related to law enforcement’s investigation into the online threat and our ongoing communication and partnership with the Richfield Police Department and state and federal authorities, we have made the decision to reopen our secondary schools and programs tomorrow. 

Shooting outside RHS Homecoming Game

Our team will be prepared to support students and staff at all schools on Monday. We will work with partner organizations as needed to provide additional support for students or staff who need or want to talk with someone.

Did you like your Connect & Assess Meeting?

This year, instead of hosting our traditional open house events at the elementary schools, we implemented Connect & Assess meetings. We would love to know your thoughts. Did you enjoy the new format? Are there ways we can improve?

Richfield Health Resource Center

The Richfield Health Resource Center (RHRC) provides confidential, free and friendly healthcare. It is open to all children and youth who live in or attend school in Richfield, from birth to 21 years of age.