Winter Walking Day

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Winter Walking Day

Winter Walking Day is Friday, February 26. Will you and your child join us?

Walking is a healthy way to get to exercise, helps kids stay focused and engaged in their learning, and keeps the air around our neighborhoods and schools fresh and clean. 

Tips for a safe and comfortable winter walk:

  • Check the forecast and avoid days that are too cold, windy, or snowy.
  • Dress in layers to help regulate your body’s temperature.
  • Keep your toes warm by wearing winter boots and warm socks.
  • Take your time and enjoy a leisurely pace.
  • Use sidewalks and trails when you can.
  • Wear hats and mittens to keep your head and hands warm.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking water before and after your walk to school.
  • Use sidewalks and trails when you can.

We encourage you to try taking a stroll at home or on the way to school—we think it will be fun and refreshing. Let’s all bundle up and walk together on February 26!

For more information about Winter Walking Day, contact Will Wlizlo at 612-798-6055 or email at

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